Galactic Squid Impersonator Shows Up on YouTube

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Galactic Squid. Two words that mean, well… me. And me. And also, me. There are twenty more where that came from, including my Steam Account, every game I’ve ever played, etc.  I think you get the point. I mean, if you are here, you already know this.

What you might not know is that branding is difficult in this day and age. It is hard work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have to do various things and promote yourself on every channel imaginable. You have to keep making videos even though no one is watching. Keep streaming without viewers. Keep updating a website without traffic, until one day, it starts happening. They start coming. They start recognizing you. You and your name are now one and the same.

Being the Galactic Squid has been an adventure, and also a lot of hard work. You try having a weird name like Galactic Squid and branding it!

Well, after all of that. After reaching 4,000 on Alexa with and then being able to actually buy and redirecting all traffic there. After finally gaining fans and readers through the years, if this isn’t one of the weirdest things in the world to happen to me in quite some time, I don’t know what is.

It seems another YouTuber has popped up within the last month, and is making videos. Nothing strange about that, right? Well, it wouldn’t be, except that he is using my name on his YouTube channel. He’s doing video game content, so unless he’s living under a rock or doesn’t know how to use Google/YouTube, then he’s clearly copying me and trying to confuse viewers. Yes, dear readers, someone has created a Galactic Squid channel, and it definitely isn’t me.

The new Galactic Squid channel started showing activity just about a month ago, and seems to focus mostly on Minecraft. We don’t touch Minecraft, but considering this has been my name for over 5+ years, this should be resolved soon. The brand the brand is clearly mine, and he is clearly riding coattails. I have the Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, as well as the urls for galactic squid on those services

Let’s not even go into the site itself. A site, I might add, that is just now going back up after a revamp and data loss. Work that I’m having to put on hold to deal with this matter. Let’s not go even further into the fact that the site was ranked in the 4,000s on Alexa just a year ago. This is no small feat, but most importantly, it clearly shows branding, as well. Again, I’m just blown away as to how this guy couldn’t do a google or YouTube search before choosing a name. I mean, how obscure was my name to begin with?

It seems his channel did exist about 2 years ago and had two intro videos on it. However, this still doesn’t excuse the fact that I was Galactic Squid even then.

The sad part is that we’ve seen a lot of our fans posting comments on his videos on his fake Galactic Squid channel, just trying to alert him to our existence. What does he do? He deletes them. This does not help his case. This clearly shows neglect, and possibly even ill intent on his part, as it seems he is trying to capitalize on my name. A name that I have worked tirelessly over the last five years to promote and boost and nurture.

We have reached out to him, but he has not responded to us. That’s really no surprise, so we’ve contacted the powers that be at YouTube and will get back to you. Hopefully they resolve this soon. In the meantime (as if you didn’t know), that Galactic Squid channel is NOT me.

UPDATE 12/1/17: He has disabled comments for all of his videos. This clearly shows intent to steal my name and confuse viewers. We will now handling this in a legal fashion. As such,  and I will update you folks when I can with what I am permitted to by legal. I am going to authorize our legal department to contact Youtube for his information. I am not an attorney, but I am guessing they will have to send him a cease and desist letter.

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Written by galacticsquid

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